Diamonds: A Symbol of Elegance & Beauty

There is nothing that symbolizes perfection and is more luxurious than diamonds. It is the most precious of gemstones and diamonds have long been recognized for their therapeutic properties. Extra-fine natural diamond powder included in skin care products gently exfoliate the top layer of skin allowing vitamins, moisturizers, and age-defying ingredients to penetrate deeper. It’s no wonder you’ll find diamonds, gemstones and minerals in the luxury skincare line Tresor Rare. They know what the skin wants, so they’re giving the skin what it needs!

Tresor Rare Luxury Diamond Beauty Treatments

High-end spas use diamonds in their microdermabrasion treatments. These are wonderful treatments, but they do require several visits to the spa. Experience diamond peeling where the aesthetician uses the best diamond crystals and powder throughout a facial treatment. These types of treatments are effective and used by the rich and famous, but they are very expensive. It’s no wonder there are raving Trésor Rare reviews on blogs such as Good Housekeeping and Natasha Kundi ( about their latest diamond dust facial post, we heard it’s worth it!


Diamond powder or dusts are very fine. These dusts are not visible to the naked eye. Chemical analysis of the product can identify the presence of diamonds since dusts of diamonds are translucent. They illuminate the skin and give a subtle blue glow. Subtle glows reduce the visibility of wrinkles. You will look younger due to uniform and glowing skin. Scientists say that this is due to diamonds being solid crystalline objects. Its powder does retain reflective index properties.

Scientific evidence links diamonds with many different health benefits and improved welfare. Diamonds have been known to reduce fevers, fight infections, rejuvenate blood circulation, energize metabolism and decrease skin disorders. Alternative medicine uses diamond powders to strengthen the energy centers of the body.

Diamonds do offer benefits when used as an ingredient in a beauty product. Finely ground diamonds are excellent for exfoliation. They have more controllable properties than mineral particles and sand. These ingredients tend to be messy.  Using products that contain diamonds is the best combination you can purchase for scientific, professional skin care and high-end skin care. Products containing micronized, genuine and natural diamond powder provides some of the most advanced age defying ingredients.


Skincare Treatments

You can also purchase scrubs that kill dead skin cells. Treat yourself to luxurious beauty treatments that results in smoother skin that is resilient to weathering and can give you a radiant complexion.

Natural luxury beauty treatments are starting to get more popular with the concern for health and well-being becoming a top priority for many. There are even luxury treatments in spas across the world including the Trésor Rare luxury diamond facial.


There are a few drawbacks to using diamonds and other types of jewels in skincare products. First and foremost is the cost. Most products containing diamonds are priced at least $500 for a very small bottle. Beauty experts claim that you can get the same exfoliating benefits with products far less expensive. Regardless of what claims you may have heard, Trésor Rare skincare products may be pricier but they are worth every penny.

When purchasing products using diamond powder as a brightener, be very careful. Unscrupulous companies can always promote diamond dust as an ingredient in their products, but only chemical analysis will prove whether this component is present.

Products with finely crushed stone promote luminosity and create an illusion. Diamond dust does not penetrate the skin layers so it will wash off with water.

Skincare Products That Contain Diamonds

When looking for skin care products containing diamonds, use online comparisons to find the top products available. There are only a few cutting edge skincare companies that use diamond powder in their formulations and the reviews on these companies can be found online and listed below.

Tresor Rare Skincare Revolution

Skincare has been revolutionized by Tresor Rare (French for “rare treasure”) and its use of diamond dust to exfoliate and the properties of pearls to give the skin the appearance of silk. These precious elements from the earth and sea are combined with plant stem cells, powerful minerals from the sea, as well as liposomes and phospholipids to produce one of the top skincare products in the world.

Try serums specifically formulated to relieve bags and circles under your eyes. Use Tresor Rare’s Black Diamonds Express 60 second lift to give your face an immediate tightening and lifting effect.

And the Rest of Them…

Forever Flawless is a company that uses diamond powder as an ingredient in its serums and potions. This company features a diamond infused exfoliating and foaming cleanser plus diamond infused facial peeling gel. Products are not tested on animals and are paraben free.

Mineral Silk wastes no part of the diamond when using it as an ingredient in their products. Diamonds can provide a beautiful glow when light reflects off the skin. The fine particles in this powder fill in fine lines and promotes collagen production within the skin. Using Mineral Silk’s Finishing Powder Diamond Dust gives the appearance of vitality. You can wear this powder if you have dry skin for a dewy look, or if you have skin that is damaged. The power diffuses light giving the appearance of smoother and softer skin.


Mineral Makeup


Diamond Perfect Finish produces a unique product that is made with real diamonds and a patented diamond complex. It is almost like your face has an airbrushed look. The fine powder settles into your lines and pores and subtly illuminates a glow invisible to the naked eye. You have youthful looking skin since the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentations and discolorations are lessened. This product does not give off a shimmer, rather just a glow or an aura.

Many high-end spas use diamond powders in their face masks, serums, and creams. Outcomes are remarkable. Aestheticians claim that with only a few application, wrinkles, and fine lines diminish and age spots, acne scars, stretch marks and other skin issues are significantly improved.