Situated in the Ein Bokek area, the Dead Sea Clinic provides many methods of healing from Dead Sea as practiced from ancient days along with medical practice followed currently and it provides more than 100 types of healing procedures which include thalassotherapy and aroma therapy. The specialty of the clinic is curing psoriasis.

I always remember the mud from Dead Sea which is black and smelling and present everywhere. The mud is being used by the Clinic. The mud taken from Dead Sea has many cosmetic and medicinal qualities.

Dead Sea Environmental Float . Complete therapy provided at the Dead Sea.

The mud regularizes all the skin functions such as cleaning, removing the dead skin cells, and cleaning the pores closed due to the sebaceous secretion. The mud taken from Dead Sea heals skin affected by eczema and psoriasis.

Complete treatment available at the Dead Sea.

You need to visualize pink hill tops, blue flowing water, and complete silence. When you relax near the beach, watching the palm trees and enjoying the warmth, these factors have their effect in improving your health. How is your health taken care of? The Dead Sea has an atmosphere with no allergens! About 400 meters extra in the atmosphere functions as a filter to prevent any dangerous radiation from sun.

Some vapor found on the waters of the Dead Sea also removes the harmful rays of the sun, and one can take sunbath for a long time without getting burn which is the main source of diseases due to ultraviolet radiation. The air on the shores has more bromine than found in other areas and so the hours you spend on Dead Sea Bank have great impact on the nervous system. The circulatory system and the skin are very much benefited because of the combination of bromine and magnesium in high levels in the water of Dead Sea. Many scientific research works have been done on the peculiar features of the mud from Dead Sea. There companies specialized on these peculiar features that manufacture cosmetics with salt and minerals from the Dead Sea:

Who worries about your health? The Dead Sea Clinic has been functioning for more than ten years, according to the chief physician in the clinic. In this period, many patients have visited the clinic and gotten cured and they have registered their gratitude in the guest book of the clinic. When a person goes to the clinic as a patient, he can select any one of the hotels near Dead Sea and he can return the car once he completes his treatment.

Since this post has extended beyond the limit I wanted to confine it to, a brief summary will end it. The place around Dead Sea is quite amazing and Ein Bokek has lots of options and Israel is a very small country with vast history and so it is very easy to go around the place and so it is essential that the chance is grabbed when you are here. You will find that visiting the West Bank is also quite easy.